Third Party Reviews

Mike M. | December 10, 2018 |

"I wasn't going to give a review on this business but after my phone call with them I couldn't pass it up, since I live in Benicia I went to this location here to give them a try especially since I have a coupon for a Free MVP Haircut Experience. I went and waited my turn and when my name was called by one of the female employees I followed her back to the station, I handed her the coupon and she smiled and said welcome to Sports Clips, hope you enjoy your experience, she cut my hair and then said I was to get a shampoo next which I turned down because I had just showered so why bother right, she then said that was the experience and we walked to the front where she surprised me by saying it was $21, I was shocked but paid and I even tipped her and when home knowing I can't trust that location. So it still bothered me that I was taken so I called them yesterday and talked with a gentleman that answered the phone, I informed him what had happened and then he told me I was to get a haircut, hot towel wrap on my face and a massage all free with coupon, he said that he was embarrassed that this had happened to me and told me that I could come in for a free haircut but since he could see all the info on the computer of my info I told him I'd rather just get my money but he changed his attitude and said haircut or nothing at which time I said that if she hadn't ripped me off I'd still have my money and she would still have her $5 tip....So shameful to scam people this way, especially locals that support their local businesses, nothing worse than a company with no shame of ripping off their customers...........STAY AWAY!!!!!!!"

Rick G. | December 07, 2018 |

"They need help with their online check-in process. I checked in online and told to arrive at a specific time. I arrived ten mins early and the board in the store said I needed to wait 34 mins."

G C. | December 03, 2018 |

"I used to take my son here when he was younger and it was fine. He needed a last minute haircut today so we went here. Waited about 15 min for the next available stylist, which wasn't bad at all. He was done really quickly, which seem good but then I found out why it was so quick. Problem with the visit was that the stylist he had didn't do what he requested. He specifically ask for a certain length and her reply was, well i usually do this first so I'll do that then we can go shorter if you still want to. When he asked her to go shorter and fix something, she seem annoyed and irritated. He felt like she rushed through his haircut. In the end it he was not happy with his simple requested cut and had such a terrible experience."

Richard H. | November 30, 2018 |

"I've been going there longer than I want to admit. I plead with them to not take much off and they have notes on me to read. I went in very recently after two months and said "cut it so I'll need a cut in one month." Worst scalping I ever gad there and I've had a few. That was my last time going there for sure. I look like hell. I've had it!"

Mike Sawyers | November 22, 2018 |

"Decent cut as always but the short staff make longer waits"

Carlos C. | November 13, 2018 |

"Used to be a great place to get a basic haircut for me and my son, the wait was not too long and they had great people working for them like John and Laura, but now the wait is ridiculous long and it's mainly cause they are short staffed, and there stylists now are all new in the entire meaning of the word new. No longer friendly place where you know them and they know you, I've gotten two haircuts that were messed up uneven, never going back!"

Paul I. | November 03, 2018 |

"I'm going today for hair cut it's bad experience the guy over there I think he is new or he don't know how to cut hair in few word I tell you I never ever go SPORT CLIP BENICIA. One more he don't know beard cut like he waste my time he cut my hair but beard no after that I'm go to near SUPERCUT shop... I give that guy no SPORT CILP -0 STAR.."

Chris R. | August 17, 2018 |

"Everything about this place screams unorganized. The online check in system is completely pointless. Add an hour to the time you are asked to arrive. Minimum. This place is an unmitigated mess. My son likes getting a haircut here but they have made it pretty much impossible to keep bringing them his business."

Jason M. | August 13, 2018 |

"Lauren, the coach who travels around to different stores, cut my hair today. She did an excellent job. She said she doesn't get to cut hair as often, but she did it like a pro! She made sure to be very thorough with everything she did! She also introduced me to the hair moisturizer that I ended up purchasing! Hopefully she's in next time I need a haircut! :)"

K S. | August 08, 2018 |

"I have been satisfied enough with the staff & cuts for my kids but what is aggravating is the reservation system. You aren't able to pick a specific time so you are given an approx time. You can be told by staff the person before you hasn't shown up so you are next but then they do show right before you are taken back and now you have to wait. It may be convenient for the company so they don't lose time or money but it is not for customers. I have decided not to return for this reason and to go where I can make a specific time reservation."